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Our Experience

Kreativ Launch has over 25 years of industry experience in production, distribution and licensing. We have worked on projects large and small ranging from startups to $1M/year revenue and scaling to $25M+. Past clients and partners include: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, Microsoft, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Coke, Pepsi, ACDC, The Greatful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Kid Ink, Best Buy, Petsmart, Krispy Kreme,  HBO Boxing (Jermain Taylor vs Winky Wright and vs Bernard Hopkins fights), FOX's, CBS, NBC, ABC, Polaris, Artic Cat, Walmart, Target. 

Why US?

Our industry relationships allow us to offer our clients fully integrated, strategic production verticals unavailable through most traditional specialty firms. We specialize in analyzing product offerings and business structures to maximize profitability in both the short and long term, leveraging short term cash flow strategy with longevity goals. We accomplish this with a twofold advantage: reduced friction through fully integrated manufacturing verticals with our trusted partners, and best-available pricing for our clients through negotiated rates based on our relationships and decades of proven integrity.

What CAN we do?

Our relationship starts with a comprehensive product analysis to identify gaps and opportunities. Once we have identified profitable strategies, we offer a suite of quality products to leverage and integrate into your business as well as the opportunity to pitch our network of buyer groups and major chain purchasers. 

We specialize in three areas of development

· Small or “startup” companies who are transitioning beyond their local market who need reliable production, distribution and marketing for regional and national sales

· Mid-sized regional companies who need strategic contracts with reliable, large scale manufacturing and distribution contracts and/or who want to improve or begin overseas production contracts with the risk reduction of proven relationships and experienced negotiators.

· Large national and international brands looking to increase revenues through the strategic addition of complimentary product lines who want both product mix analysis as well as immediate, large scale, seamless production and distribution.

President / CEO - Todd A. Moen


 Todd Moen has over three decades of experience in numerous industries. Past clients and customers include all four major sports leagues, the NCAA, large concert tours and numerous clothing brands from $1M to $23M+. He has served as the President of multiple national companies in the Screen Print, Embroidery and Promotional products industry. He began his career in printing, developing brands and clothing lines from local production to global sourcing and marketing. With a background in Biology and Production Engineering and a lifelong passion for art, Todd leverages his polymath skill set to fully understand the brands he works for. The longevity of success requires not only profitability and streamlined production processes, but an ability to understand the competitive ecosystem of industry and competition and the creativity to continuously identify opportunity and profit in the ever changing world of manufacturing and consumer goods.

Todd is a recognized expert in his field and has spoken Nationally and Internationally. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for Grand Canyon University Honors College and works with students and his clients for real world experience.  His passion for creativity and problem solving drives the success of the company, and his impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity are the foundation for the industry connections that give Kreativ Launch the unparalleled opportunities available to our clients.


Trisha Stone - Apparel Design, Online Sales, Marketing & Socials Partner


Trisha Stone has dedicated her professional life to web development and web marketing verticals.  Ms. Stone has founded or been part of the founding team on 7 e-commerce ventures including the Founder of Bad Kitty, Inc an international women's active wear apparel brand.  Prior to founding Bad Kitty® she was lead project manager for Venture Serve managing a workforce of 40 web developers in house along with offshore teams of similar size, and managed over 3,000 web projects with notable clients such as Mercedes Benz, MTV, Bacardi and Disney, as well as managing the development and launch of smaller web-based companies. Ms. Stone’s philanthropic contributions are many with her most recent work in helping to establish and support the Phoenix AZ chapter of the  “Support the Girls” foundation providing bra’s and feminine hygiene products to women in need.   

Jack Gaffney - Business Development, Strategy and Growth Partner


Jack brings almost 30 years of executive experience inclusive of his most recent role as co-founder and CEO of Bad Kitty Inc, a women’s active wear brand sold in over 70 countries world wide.  Prior to Bad Kitty®, Jack served as Executive Vice President of a business incubation firm where he was directly involved in the build out and successful launch of several start up web-based companies. Jack began his professional career and  spent 17 years in the financial services industry in numerous roles including, Financial Adviser, Mutual Fund Wholesaler & Pension Consultant. During this time his clients included major firms such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Liberty,  Nvest, Fidelity & NY Life.  Jack is responsible for establishing 2 start-up retail financial centers within banks where he was a Vice President and corporate officer reporting to the Board of Directors quarterly. With the unique experience Mr. Gaffney earned, and the high level contacts made within the financial services industry, he founded and served as CEO of Global Development Services (GDS) a hedge fund consultancy servicing super high net worth Individuals, hedge funds, Investment banks, and Insurance companies.  

Joshua Ayres - Director of Strategic Product Placement


  Over the past 20 years Joshua has held a number of roles across a variety of functions including: transportation and logistics, sales, business development, data analytics, insights, marketing and category management.  The majority of these positions have been with several of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, including Unilever, Cadbury, Kraft Food, Mondelez International and Procter & Gamble while calling on the largest retailers in the world. This corporate experience gives him a deep understanding of how to navigate large organizations in order to build brands that drive sales at the retail shelf.  

In addition to his experience with CPG companies, Joshua also has experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He started his career in the late 90’s working for a technology start-up that provided software as a service. Since that time, he has continued to work with various technology providers and entrepreneurs. In the past six years Joshua has also started two companies of his own, and has consulted for numerous entrepreneurs, early stage companies including e-commerce and marketplace companies. 

Joshua enjoys work, and brings positive energy to every team he is on. He has a passion for building relationships, leading people, and public speaking. 

Tanya Moore - Director of Major Programs & Artist Development


  Tanya Moore has over 25 years making positive change in the entertainment industry. She is a highly creative entrepreneur who has had great success in creating, developing and activating campaigns for her notable clients in many aspects, from acquisition and development of brands and talent, to packaging, mass marketing and media. Tanya has secured partnerships for projects in upwards of 1M and helped grow startup companies to multi million dollar thriving organizations. She is tactful and successful in understanding business, securing investors, celebrity endorsements, contract development, media, publicity, large scale event coordinating and production for music, sports, film and lifestyle brands.

Her professionalism, coupled with her creative free-spirit has led her to work on projects with clients as Live Nation, The World Series, Coca Cola, Lyft, International Film Festival, Bottle Rock Napa, International Air Show, U.S. Grand Prix Mazda Raceway Red Bull Challenge, U.S. Grand Prix AMA Nationals, California Roots and Bottle Rock Napa, as well as celebrity talent Clint Eastwood, Nick Vujicic, the Marley brothers, 

Brandi Cyrus and UFC athletes to name a few.

Tanya’s broad industry connections has brought opportunity to her clients being featured on Billboard, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Sirius XM, The Voice, Rolling Stone and many more. With passion and dedication, Tanya utilizes her vast business knowledge, people skills and industry connections to both create and secure new opportunities and implement seamless activation for her clients.

Doug Rawlings - Director of Sales Consulting & Prod Development


Doug is our Director of Sales with 20 years in Financial Services. Highly accomplished finance management professional with a successful track record of developing and managing sales teams. Results driven, decisive collaborator with proven success in building strong, lasting relationships with managers, associates, and brokers. Effective communicator who seeks positive resolution to problems through active listening and commitment to integrity.  He is an inventor in his own right as well.

Jonathan Hedden - Director of Online Sales


Jonathan brings 20 years of e-commerce and business experience.  He received his B.A. in Industrial Psychology at The Ohio State University and received his M.B.A. from CSULB.  While attending grad school, he launched his own successful online retail company and pioneered many brands and fashion online. He has built several commercial websites and helped small businesses with strategy, development and marketing. He has also developed and launched his own private label brand, which has gifted many celebrity and charity events.  He currently specializes in 3rd party channel integration including: Amazon, Walmart, Wish and other channels 

Aditi Madane - Technology, App and Development Partner


 Aditi is a true Rock Star in the world of technology - with a Masters from Florida State University and then working at Amazon and American Express before starting her own company.  She is teaming up with Kreativ Launch to offer our customers her unique skills.  

 Her mission to be a trusted technology partner of companies fueling their growth through technology. We help companies build their innovative tech products with high quality and low costs. We work with companies at various stages from start-up to enterprise. We are offering full application development services: design, architecture, development, testing, and deployment. Our team of designers and developers has been delivering high quality web applications, mobile apps (iOS/Android), APIs, IOT, complex back end integrations to many companies. We have developers in a wide ranging of technologies on front end and back end for all the technologies in the marketplace today. 

Blake Wilkinson - Apparel, Promo and Technology LA Team Lead


 During the summer prior to his senior year at Appalachian State University, Blake took a leap of faith and traveled over to India to learn corporate structure and logistics by interning at one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India.  When Blake arrived back to finish his bachelors degree he knew business & economic development was his calling.  

 Blake started out in Venture Capital Business development and spend 2 years learning the process of preparing a company for IPO.  Working on projects with Kurt Warner, Mark Wahlberg and others.  Blakes passionate about connecting like minded individuals together for the common good and is a firm believer in John Nash's game theory.  Blake's main goal in life is to provide the economic development in communities currently underdeveloped.

Karin Moen - Director of Accounting and Analytics


 Karin heads our Accounting and Analytics departments and works to develop cost analysis on all our projects.  Understanding all of the costs and expenses of each project or product is paramount to its success.  She brings a great prospective to our group with a background in Fashion (Star of India Fashions), Music Industry, Banking (Regions) and Purchasing (Arizona State University).  Karin went to School at Berklee College of Music and UMASS Lowell and did her internship at the Library of Congress.   

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Kristen Vinson - Co Founder I am Watrrr


Our business owes deep gratitude to Todd and the entire Kreativ Launch team. They absolutely exceeded every expectation and made launching our company a complete breeze.

Kreativ Launch has invaluable connection throughout the marketplace and had a deep understanding of what needed to be done to stand out from the competition when launching our product. The team absolutely knew the industry trends and were innovative in helping us to design and develop our product and strategy. Todd went above and beyond. He helped us to identify incredible new business partners which has allowed us to expedite our production in ways that we couldn’t have done on our own. Todd has brought countless marketing opportunities to us and did not waste any of our time.  The amount accomplished in one week would have taken months to do if we had not had his incredible guidance and experience. Todd had been completely ethical and transparent with us through the entire process. He handled all of the negotiations and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We absolutely believe we are working with the best in the industry. 



Rhonda Branham - CEO / Rice Life Apparel


Rice Life is honored to be represented by such an amazing Team at Kreativ Launch!  Todd brings to the table an astonishing career in the apparel and sales industry! You won’t find a better man to work with! His Team can take your business to where it needs to be and beyond! Thank you for allowing Rice Life to be a part of this journey!  

Rice Life is a lifestyle brand the embodies the culture of Farming, Hunting and Fishing across the United States and beyond.  



Alan & Dede Friedland - Owner's of Adventure Outfitters


Kreativ Launch has provided invaluable guidance and service for marketing and product resourcing to Adventure Outfitters since it's inception.  We look forward to a long term relationship with Todd & his team at Kreativ Launch.

Adventure Outfitters is a national licensing company that works with Scouting, National Parks and more to bring top quality retail full package items to the market.